Beware Of Reaper, A New Kind Of Botnet – Semalt Expert

Botnets have ensnared over one million computer and mobile devices, and they are still growing in number. Security analysts have issued the serious warning about the new botnet known as Reaper. It is predicted to be the cyber hurricane that disrupts the internet services and multiple devices all over the world. The worst part is that this can be installed on your personal computer without your knowledge. Jack Miller, the Semalt Senior Customer Success Manager, states that it can penetrate even such devices like routers, smartphones, and others and is very dangerous.

What is a botnet?

A botnet is a huge collection of online, malicious devices that get controlled by a central computer. In principle, it is fine except that it puts together a large number of infected computers, routers, tablets, and smartphones and infects several new devices with malware and viruses. One of the most insidious parts is that the users don't even know that their devices have been infected by botnets, as this malware runs quietly executing nefarious activities.

Botnets are also used to bring down and target some online services, such as the DDOS (Distributed Denial of Services). They also deliver a large number of spam campaigns. Because users don't get an idea that botnets infect their computers, it's easy for spammers to steal your personal data. The worst thing is that cybercriminals create botnets and sell them to the bidders that use them to perform cybercrimes all over the world.

A few months ago, the Mirai botnet caused serious disruption in the United States and infected lots of routers. It exploited some vulnerabilities in the security settings of devices, and the best vulnerability was Reaper.

What is a Reaper?

Reaper can easily weasel the way to more and more computer and mobile devices and poses a more serious threat than its predecessors. The security analysts brought the problem to the public as they wanted to let everyone know about the botnet that infected lots of routers worldwide.

The team noticed an increase in the attempts of penetrating the IoT IPS protection, and the scale of such takeovers became apparent in no time. Over two million organizations complained about infected devices both in Australia and the United States. The research team suggested that the next cyber hurricanes are about to come.

How to stop Reaper from infecting your device?

From now on, all infections associated with Reaper are limited to the routers and internet-based cameras. However, you should install an anti-malware program on your computer or mobile device to protect your device from it. Macs and PCs are highly vulnerable to this type of malware, so you should try BitDefender. The Android and tablet users can prevent their devices installing an appropriate software.

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